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Anisum vulgare    Fructa Anisi

Anisum vulgare Fructa Anisi

Carminative, antispasmodic, expectorant agent.


Flatulence, chronical bronchitis.


Take 1/3 cup  2-3 times a day before meal.

Storage conditions:

Raw materials: in a dry, dark, cool place.

Infusion: in a cool place no more than 2 days.

Weight: 30 gr

Best before: 3 years after porduction.

Preparation Method

Infusion: 20 g of raw material  put in an enamel bowl, pour 200 ml of boiled water, cover and heat in boiling water (in water bath) for 15 minutes, at room temperature, then insist 45 minutes in room temperature, strain, the volume of the  infusion bring to 200 ml with boiled water.