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About us

“ANTARAM” has been established in 1989 and it’s producing medical herbs and herbal teas. Անթառամ (Antaram [ an-tha-ram] ) is translat ed fromArmenian as Yellow Chaste Weed or Everlasting (Lat. Helichrysum). Antaramis an unique handmade herbal tea organization, where all processes are supervised by pharmacists. Numerous Armenian rural families are involved in production. During years we have created wide range of herbal teas, which are made from wild collected 50 and cultivated 7 species herbs. The herbs are presented separately and in various herbal bouquets.

Enjoy & heal yourself.


This tea has sedative, antispasmodic, diuretic, vasodilator properties.


Insomnia, hypertension, stress, depression, fear, nervousness, hysteria.

   This tea has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antispasmodic properties, regulates the menstrual cycle and menopause, eliminates inflammation of the ovaries, neutralizes and removes toxins, relieves cough.

   This tea helps to reduce nocturnal frequent urinations and promotes removing of pathogenic bacteria and prostate calcifications. Improves the functioning of the testicles, reduces blood sugar levels, neutralizes and removes toxins.

This tea has tonic, diuretic, laxative properties.

Lowers cholesterol and bilirubin levels. Removes toxins and gases from the intestines. Cleanses the body from the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs.  Differs from common laxatives with soft  effect and cholagogic property, does not cause unpleasant spasms.

Made with thyme flowers and leaves.

Endowed with antibacterial, diuretic and antihypertensive properties.

 Neutralizes the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs.


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