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Tea Oak Bark / Thea ex corticis Quercis

Tea Oak Bark / Thea ex corticis Quercis

This tea has anti-inflammatory, styptic, antiseptic properties.


Inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa, pharynx, larynx. Gingivitis, stomatitis, burns, diarrhea, internal intestinal haemorrheas, food poisoning, poisoning with salts of heavy metalls,  perspiration of feet, eczema.

Weight: 35gr (5gr*7 teabags)

Store in a dry, dark, cool place for 5years.

Preparation Method

Place the teabag in a teapot or a large glass, add 250-500 ml boiling water and close to insist. Drink after 30-60 minutes. For rinses and clysters use 2-3 teabags. The form of teabag gives the opportunity of making infusions with differnet tastes, volume and strength.