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Tea Everlast / Thea ex Flores Helichrysi

Tea Everlast / Thea ex Flores Helichrysi


This tea has diuretic, cholagogic properties.


Urolithiasis, cholelithiasis, chronic inflammatory diseases of liver and gallbladder, biliary tract dyskinesia. Promotes lowering of  concentrations of cholesterol and bilirubin in blood. Eliminates toxins and gases from intestines.

Due to Naringenin flavonoid provides antidepressant effects.

The form of teabag gives the opportunity of making infusions with differnet tastes, volume and strength.

Weight: 28gr (4gr *7 teabags)

Store in a dry, dark, cool place for 2 years.

Preparation Method

Place the teabag in a teapot or a large glass, add 250-500 ml boiling water and close to insist. Drink after 10-30 minutes. Optionally honey or lemon can be added.